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Veterans’ Benefits

As an Elder Law Attorney accredited by the VA, and with the knowledge of how Veterans’ Benefits SHOULD work, I can provide the legal assistance and guidance needed to ensure you receive the maximum VA benefit to which you or your family member is entitled.

Unfortunately, many veterans and their widows or widowers are unaware of all the benefits they may qualify for through the Veterans’ Administration (VA). Only about one-third of our veterans actually receive the full assistance they are entitled to—including VA assistance to support long-term care.

If you are a veteran—or have a family member who is—you can be assured I am an attorney with a true appreciation and respect for the duty and service our veterans provided. You fought for us—and I in turn advocate as hard as needed to ensure that you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled. 

As a VA Accredited Attorney offering counsel regarding veteran’s benefits, I can provide legal assistance with respect to:

   • Veterans’ Disability Claims
   • Veterans’ Long Term Care Options
   • Veterans’ Pension with Aid and Attendance Claims