Elder Law FL — Elder Law CT:

Having your estate pass through the Probate Court is not the “Bad Guy” that it has been made out to be. The key benefit to the oversight of the Probate Court in estate settlement is that the court is an independent authority that insures the distribution of your estate according to the provisions of your Last Will & Testament. And often it is the simplest and quickest way to get your estate into the hands of your beneficiaries. Finally “the state doesn’t take most of the money.” Yes, there are fees payable to the court and the lawyer handling the probate is entitled to a fee for the work done, but in the state of Florida this fee is regulated by state statute.

My approach to settling an estate in the Probate Court is to work expeditiously and efficiently to move the estate through the steps of the probate process as quickly as possible. My record is one of few delays in settling estates with a minimum of waiting time to fully administer an estate and close the probate.

As your Probate  Attorney, I will work diligently to settle the estate as expeditiously as possible.